19 Aug 2021 Postcard from David Agasi to Mario Savioni

The text from David Agasi’s postcard is as follows:

“Andy Summers recounts the early 80's:

“‘In North America Reagan is God and his presidency sets a new scene that will lead in twenty years to an administration that will become servile to polluters, fossil-fuel extractors, and fanatical religious fundamentalists of every stripe except Islam; be hostile to science; embrace fiscal insolvency; and transubstantiate worldwide solidarity into worldwide anti-Americanism. But the eighties will be looked back upon as a golden era.’”

“19 Aug 2021 — No desks in the galleries. No places to sit and write sensibly, so my back soaks…

Image of David Agasi’s 8/12/21 and 8/13/21 postcard back, of which the words are copied as follows:


Yesterday’s heat, which will also be today’s heat, has somewhat affected my clarity. Mid-August is a passive egoist of sorts. The country within which I was conceived is coming apart. Collectively, all of us know. I want to provide my wife with the best possible future scenario, but both of us are uncertain about where to lay the groundwork or what even to invest in. Days pass as if on an assembly line with very few charming or aesthetically charged moments. Fear is a bit more present than it should be. …

Image depicting “California Gubernatorial Recall Election, Tuesday, September 14, 2021”

Regarding Gavin Newsom’s Recall. I have heard that the reason they don’t like Newsom is because he cheated on his wife and he claims not to have come from money. I am sure that they also don’t like his posture on COVID, which cost them money. “Supporters of the recall have raised approximately $5.4 million and opponents have raised about $48.2 million,” (Kimelman).

“Top pro-recall contributors:


















Cover of the book The White Dress by Nathalie Léger

An apology.

Observing is not enough,

Nor is not doing anything.

Both seem ominous against the worry

And contradict each other.

Why would a man harm a woman?

She screams,

Yet, in the foreground her body is already broken.

She lies in a dream,

In a clearing.

A man plunging a knife,

Pulling her entrails.

She is both lying and running?

The murderer ceaselessly represents a mother,

Who holds her hands seeking forgiveness.

The family never stopped identifying with the tapestry of death.

As a “family heirloom,” the body flees

Ordinary unhappiness.

Humiliation is what women face.

Men make them…

Hedgerows in Paris, 1995 Mario Savioni

To Loisa Fenichell



As your waiter, orange dress, brunette, me in a blue shirt, I guess with Mr. P.

I listened to your poem on YouTube. Not knowing if you could fabricate the sky.

Something about a child’s arm, I could not hear.

But, I heard that a boy learned to walk with his grandfather,

That all people are not lost,

Or that water spreads,

And citizens celebrate,

And yes, we would,

Knowing you are now in California.

Protecting your infant,

While watching flocks

Moving to Nebraska.

You find your best mediation

While the tea steeps

Consumed by…

San Francisco Street View Near Columbus Street

(Link to the postcard I am referencing: https://savioni.medium.com/june-25-2021-postcard-by-david-agasi-7f66ff0d7485)

The world comes through Boston.

The “O” in Boston and the other “O”

Lets it all in,

And so does Harvard and Boston College,

And all the other schools

From the Union.

In fact, through the Bostonian leaves,

We judge the Tree,

See light at the other end of the tunnel,

How a house might be seen,

A view in general.

I drink my cup of Joe

To your suggestion

Stamped on my mind,

Like a waiter in a cafe

Juggling the process of preparing

And bringing food,

Taking orders,

And maintaining…

Postal mark “Boston MA 021 Jun 2021” with “Cappuccino” Stamp

This question is a personal question, and as such becomes ridiculous. If you can or cannot love two people at once, this is something you should know. It is the same as asking if you got up and had oatmeal for breakfast. If you don’t know then nobody knows.

The question begs the question as to what someone should do: Love one person or many; which is a moral question, of course, or at least it begs the question as to there being some moral stake.

Frankly, I don’t care if you can love more than one person at the…

Stinson Beach, CA, USA

I have begun to swipe right for every person on Tinder. I read a piece on Medium, which said that there was an algorithm that afforded someone “active” a greater presence on the site.

As soon as I did this, there were women I thought I would never go out with, who I was swiping on, but as I was doing it, I also realized that I have never been able to find my soulmate because of a superficial tendency. Well, that’s not completely true. I did date someone, who was very good for me and I blew it when…

Mario Savioni

I work in photography, poetry, fiction, criticism, oils, drawing, music, condo remodeling and design. I am interested in catharsis. Savioni@astound.net.

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