The Bookplate

Mario Savioni
5 min readAug 24, 2021
Image of David Agasi’s 8/12/21 and 8/13/21 postcard back, of which the words are copied as follows:


Yesterday’s heat, which will also be today’s heat, has somewhat affected my clarity. Mid-August is a passive egoist of sorts. The country within which I was conceived is coming apart. Collectively, all of us know. I want to provide my wife with the best possible future scenario, but both of us are uncertain about where to lay the groundwork or what even to invest in. Days pass as if on an assembly line with very few charming or aesthetically charged moments. Fear is a bit more present than it should be. Quote from Damien’s text (8/10/21) : “It doesn’t feel good to know [that] I am [a member of] one of the last generations that has to live in an eternal struggle while others are glad to fade…before the worst comes...”

Perhaps due to there being nothing of apparent value to invest in we are freer than ever before. 8/13/21 — Dreamt of the side-long masterpiece by YES entitled “Close to the Edge” and woke nearly refreshed. Bodies spill onto the defenseless mental tarmac of most afternoons leaving me wondering if men decide anything in this life besides their own demise. This particular week, eyes have melodiously come into view which have literally challenged my impeccable restraint.

The freedom to obtain things via the Internet guarantees no connectivity once a nascent THERE to HERE takes place. Yes, the parents of bad children should be punished. Fools should be treated with terse realities. Through most of 2016 things were possible. Now, all that endless paperwork just to keep our nests from being blown apart has expunged any semblance that our time might be put to good use. DA.

Here is my response:

The Book Plate

The book plate speaks of its owner,

Which shouldn’t the book itself provide?

8/12/21 you say, there was heat and

That the day that followed,

The day you were speaking from,

Had the same temperature.

Today is 8/20/21.

Eight days later.

The heat here is complemented by a sooty


Everything is the color of taupe,



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