Agreed. For so long, our pre-dating surmising has been through friends if blind and in person, if meeting for the first time. On-line dating is a new phenomenon, where we are lacking sensory data. So much information is conveyed in person that it has been said that our relationships are formed permanently in 8 seconds of a conversation in person.

I remember the first time I talked on the phone to someone I was conversing with on-line and her voice was not what I expected which testified to the importance of the voice as a part of the puzzle.

When you think of the romance of someone else, you are also saddled with the reality. Sex or “intimacy,” which is what this is about is much greater than being someone’s friend and how often do we encounter people, who we know are important to us? And this is in person. The fact of an on-line connection is even more risky.

These days, I am even more unlikely to drive a long distance to meet someone. It seems ridiculous. Basically, we can love so many people. As I get older, I realize how love really starts. I have this crazy friend I have known for years and we keep hanging out. It’s not romantic for her anymore, but I can honestly say that I love her. And that’s because I really know her and her heart is pure. That’s love. How can anyone determine that on-line? I am sure in the not too distant future we are going to put our phones and computers down and look up at those who have been there all along.

I work in photography, poetry, fiction, criticism, oils, drawing, music, condo remodeling and design. I am interested in catharsis.

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