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19 Aug 2021 Postcard from David Agasi to Mario Savioni

The text from David Agasi’s postcard is as follows:

“Andy Summers recounts the early 80's:

“‘In North America Reagan is God and his presidency sets a new scene that will lead in twenty years to an administration that will become servile to polluters, fossil-fuel extractors, and fanatical religious fundamentalists of…

Image of David Agasi’s 8/12/21 and 8/13/21 postcard back, of which the words are copied…


Yesterday’s heat, which will also be today’s heat, has somewhat affected my clarity. Mid-August is a passive egoist of sorts. The country within which I was conceived is coming apart. Collectively, all of us know. I want to provide my wife with the best possible future scenario, but both…

Image depicting “California Gubernatorial Recall Election, Tuesday, September 14, 2021”

Regarding Gavin Newsom’s Recall. I have heard that the reason they don’t like Newsom is because he cheated on his wife and he claims not to have come from money. I am sure that they also don’t like his posture on COVID, which cost them money. “Supporters of the recall…

Mario Savioni

I work in photography, poetry, fiction, criticism, oils, drawing, music, condo remodeling and design. I am interested in catharsis.

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